Caregiver Relief Community Grant Award

AWARE Worldwide, believes in the power of community, power which comes from many hands (and hearts) giving care and compassion to effect a major transformation, Caregiver Relief Community Grant Award. It is funded, by you, “Woman of Intention,” for “Woman of Intention,” who could not receive this service otherwise. The purpose of this award is to give our neighbors and community members the chance to receive ongoing, regular care for a period of six months, to experience the transformative effects of regular energy healing therapy.


Healing touch is an essential, indispensable component of living and managing one’s healthiest life. Literature reports, access to healing energy/bodywork services has been largely restricted to the middle and wealthy classes, as healthcare in this country generally refuses to acknowledge the benefits of preventative and therapeutic touch. AWARE recognizes that caregiver burnout is a symptom of this systemic failure.


You can be a part of another’s healing journey! Sponsor a woman in need. Donate up to six (6) monthly Wellness Sessions (Medical Qigong). It will be granted to a community member based on need. We are our sister’s keeper. 

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AWARE Worldwide Empowerment Ministries rely on community contributions and accepts donations in a multitude of ways. 100% of the monetary donations made via our website go directly toward helping our clients begin their journey to whole-health recovery and self-care management.


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