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Grace House of Whole-Health Transformation
 Personal (W)Holistic Healing Haven
for women across the lifespan,
who take self-care, mind/body/emotional balance and overall well-being  seriously


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

we used when we created them." 

                                                                     Albert Einstein




Private, Personal Therapeutic Care
Obesity/Weight Gain/Foggy Thinking/Negative Emotions
Vitamin/Minerals Imbalances/Congestion/Inflammation/
Chronic Tiredness/Sleeplessness/Digestion Issues /Female/Hormonal Discomforts...

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(W)Holistic Health Assessment
$150(90 Minutes)

Find out what's blocking energy flow/circulation/clear thinking/weight loss/mind/body overall well-being
HHA Includes:
Body Acid/Alkaline Analysis, Tongue/Pulse Analysis Muscle/Nutrition Response Test, Lab Work Analysis for Nutrition/Minerals Deficiencies, Breathwork/Breathing/Voice Analysis

Receive a treatment Detox HEAL Session for Mind/Body Energy Alignment/Balance  

Detox Wellness Session(60 Minutes)$85
ompleted HHA & 3 Consecutive Monthly Visits)


  • 10 Minute Guided Contemplative Meditation

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing/Breathwork w/Himalayan Sea Salt

  • Bio-Feedback/Muscle Response Test 

  • Immune Boosting Acupressure/Reflexology, conducted on a Heated Amethyst Crystals Infrared/Photon Bio-Magnetic Mat, w/Amethyst Crystals Pillow, & Amethyst Weighted Blanket

  • Sound Bath Therapy-Crystal Singing Bowl/Tuning Forks/Wind Chimes

  • Aromatherapy & Soothing Herbal Tea

Add-On Detox Services-$55
(Additional 30 Minutes with HEAL Session)

Cupping Therapy, Yoni/V-Steam, 

Ear Candling, Castor Oil Pack
Rife Machine Therapy-$65 

Identifies cellular/tissue toxins, and eliminates/neutralizes all toxins found 

*All Proceeds Benefit 501c3, AWARE Worldwide Empowerment Ministries
Whole-Health Promotion, Education and Services for Children and Families/Persons with Disabilities Across the Lifespan

Disclaimer: Services provided are for information/educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical or clinical advice or services. If you feel you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.