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CompTIA IT Fundamentals-Breadwinner Program, is designed specifically to aid men recovering from alcohol/substance abuse, and/or involved in second chance programs, who may be interested in beginning a career or advancing their knowledge and technical skills in the Information Technology (IT) field.


What defines the core of AWARE’s CompTIA Breadwinner Program is its foundation is built on the empowerment of hard-to-reach, underserved men, who are seeking pathways towards self-improvement, and second chances. AWARE collaborates with various nonprofit organizations, with programs, such as Basic Computer Training, Workforce Development, On-the-Job training, and placement.


The Program offers substantial discounts for bundles and separate products. The Breadwinner Program bridges the gap between adverse environmental factors, such as no income/low income living, and options, in IT career development, growth, and entrepreneurship.   



Social Worker/Case Manager submits email referral for client to AWARE’s  CompTIA Certification Coordinator (CCC),


Once referral is received, CC will send Social Worker/Case Manager confirmation of referral receipt and provide payment instructions for CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Training and Exam Voucher.


Once payment is received by AWARE Worldwide, CC will send payment receipt confirmation email to Social Worker/Case Manager as well as email to the client/student with CompTIA IT Fundamentals Course link and Exam Voucher. In addition, CC will provide student with CC’s email contact information for student support, and to answer any questions, comments, and/or concerns the student may have while completing the course. CC will respond to emails within 24-48 business hours.

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