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CertMaster Learn for CASP+

  • Topics Covered

    Lesson 1: Performing Risk Management Activities

    Lesson 2: Summarizing Governance & Compliance Strategies

    Lesson 3: Implementing Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Lesson 4: Identifying Infrastructure Services

    Lesson 5: Performing Software Integration

    Lesson 6: Explain Virtualization, Cloud and Emerging Technology

    Lesson 7: Exploring Secure Configurations and System Hardening

    Lesson 8: Understanding Security Considerations of Cloud and Specialized Platforms

    Lesson 9: Implementing Cryptography

    Lesson 10: Implementing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    Lesson 11: Understanding Threat and Vulnerability Management

    Lesson 12: Developing Incident Response Capabilities

    What’s Included

    The CompTIA CertMaster Learn for CASP+ (CAS-004) - Organization/Business Pack includes the following:

    • Setting up your institution and providing administrator access to the Institution Admin Dashboard
    • Administrators are then enabled to add additional administrators, instructors and students to the course and organize them into groups (Note: not all roles are applicable to every institution)
    • Instructors have access to the Boost Dashboard which provides Instructor Resources such as PowerPoints and Course Setup Guides, as well as group and individual student progress reporting

    License Information

    • Once activated, CertMaster Learn for CASP+ (CAS-004) is valid for 12 months
    • Minimum order: 5
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