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CertMaster Learn for Security+

  • Topics Covered

    Lesson 1: Comparing Security Roles and Security Controls

    Lesson 2: Explaining Threat Actors and Threat Intelligence

    Lesson 3: Performing Security Assessments

    Lesson 4: Identifying Social Engineering and Malware

    Lesson 5: Summarizing Basic Cryptographic Concepts

    Lesson 6: Implementing Public Key Infrastructure

    Lesson 7: Implementing Authentication Controls

    Lesson 8: Implementing Identity and Account Management Controls

    Lesson 9: Implementing Secure Network Designs

    Lesson 10: Implementing Network Security Appliances

    Lesson 11: Implementing Secure Network Protocols

    Lesson 12: Implementing Host Security Solutions

    Lesson 13: Implementing Secure Mobile Solutions

    Lesson 14: Summarizing Secure Application Concepts

    Lesson 15: Implementing Secure Cloud Solutions

    Lesson 16: Explaining Data Privacy and Protection Concepts

    Lesson 17: Performing Incident Response

    Lesson 18: Explaining Digital Forensics

    Lesson 19: Summarizing Risk Management Concepts

    Lesson 20: Implementing Cybersecurity Resilience

    Lesson 21: Explaining Physical Security

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