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CertMaster Labs for CySA

  • Labs Available:

    • Analyzing Output from Network Security Monitoring Tools
    • Discovering the Lab Environment
    • Analyzing Output from Security Appliance Logs
    • Analyzing Output from Endpoint Security Monitoring Tools
    • Analyzing Email Headers
    • Configuring SIEM Agents and Collectors
    • Analyzing, Filtering, and Searching Event Log and syslog Output
    • Collecting and Validating Digital Evidence
    • Analyzing Network-related IoCs
    • Analyzing Host and Application IoCs
    • Observing IoCs during a Security Incident
    • Analyzing Output from Topology and Host Enumeration Tools
    • Testing Credential Security
    • Configuring Vulnerability Scanning and Analyzing Outputs
    • Assessing Vulnerability Scan Outputs
    • Assessing the Impact of Regulation on Vulnerability Management
    • Performing Account and Permissions Audits
    • Configuring Network Segmentation and Security
    • Configuring and Analyzing Share Permissions
    • Assessing the Impact of Web Application Vulnerabilities
    • Analyzing Output from Web Application Assessment Tools
    • Analyzing Output from Cloud Infrastructure Assessment Tools
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