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Healing Arts for Women of Intention (WIT) to Age Healthier

Healing Arts for Women of Intention are inspired, innovative group sessions designed for women living with or at-risk of chronic challenges/disability who possess a passion, purpose, and persistence to live each day joyously, sharing abundant agape love, harmony, and wisdom. WIT share a common goal to explore and resolve meaningful issues and matters pertaining to the evolution of womanhood through creative self-expression, and determination. Healing Arts sessions promote general well-being, boosts mind skills, improve mood/hormone balance, and encourages connectivity to God, family and community. Activities vary with-fine arts and crafts, writing/poetry/storytelling, music/theater/drama/energy movement.

Be warned sessions are addictive and known to transform lives!

Sessions are held every first Saturday, 9-12am. Lunch served.

Registration required. Limited space, first come, first serve.

HIV/AIDS Older and Wiser Social Support and Recreation Program,

“50POZ and Thriving,”

Many people who have lived with HIV for a long time, “long-term survivors,” have lost significant portions of social networks, friends, spouses, and partners, which can contribute to feelings of loneliness, despair, and isolation. “50POZ and Thriving,” provides monthly social support and recreational activities that are designed to assist in building engaging networks, self-assurance and self-awareness, as well as allow limited individuals to get out in the community more often. Social activities are chosen by participants via surveys on a rotating basis, and may include one-day retreats, movie outings, bowling, arts and crafts exhibits, etc.

If you would like to know more about the program, and free registration, please contact us:
Phone: 443-734-6517, Leave a message.

We’ve created and developed our programs so you can have a head start to ensuring a holistically healthy future.

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