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Greetings, Woman with Self-Care Intentions!!

Take stock, take a new inventory of yourself, today!

Immerse yourself in this relaxing, healing, personalized care haven:

Reduce and/or Eliminate Pain and Chronic Discomforts  

Ease Daily Stress/Work/Family Tension

Release  Limiting/Draining Thoughts and Emotions

Absorb the healing/therapeutic properties of Aromatherapy

Decompress with Soothing Sound Bath/Vibrations

Replenish Mind/Body/Emotional Energy

Inquire about a Complimentary 1 Hour Fusion Massage 


"Self-Care is Self-Love" 

How you care for yourself,
is how you show others how to care for you


"Think of what you are about to do once, but think about its consequences twice."  Yoruba Proverb      

H.E.A.L with Grace

(Health Enhancement And Learning)

Health, and dis-ease, is an interaction of all aspects of one’s life and incorporates not only lifestyle behaviors (e.g., diet, exercise, stress reduction) but also the emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, familial and community aspects of life. A disruption or disharmony within any one of these aspects can result in symptoms of dis-ease.

The Traditional Naturopath understands, the healing power of nature refers to the body's innate ability to heal itself. When illness, dis-ease or imbalance occurs, the body naturally wants to correct this to be healthy and well.  As a Traditional Naturopath, I incorporate all sources from Nature to facilitate/aid the body in its quest to re-balance.

Engage in Total Mind/Body/Emotional Renewal




Personalized Weekly Detox/Meal Plan

One-to-One Weekly 1 Hour H.E.AL. Zoom Session

Week 5- Guided 2 Day Rejuvenation Juice Fast


"How do I know when something needs healing at the spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical level?"
"What's the cause of my": 

"Creeping" Weight/Waist Gain/Chronic Aches/Discomforts/Hormonal Imbalances

Fatigue/Sleeplessness/Foggy Thinking/Digestive Issues...

Get the Answers- Invest in Yourself:

Holistic Health Assessment (2 Hours)- $225 
Body Acid/Alkaline Analysis/Energy Flow Imbalances, Muscle/Nutrition Response Testing,
Lab Work Analysis for Nutrition Deficiencies, PLUS a HEAL Session-to Assess and Adjust 

HHA Includes a Follow-Up HEAL Session within 30 days

"We must be our own, before we can be another's." 

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*HEAL Session(60 Minutes)$90
$75 Monthly Sessions   


  • 10 Minute Guided Meditation/Muscle Response Test to Identify Acid/Alkaline ImbalancesRelaxation/Healing Foot Bath, Acupressure/Reflexology on Amethyst Crystals, Infrared/Photon Light Bio-Magnetic Mat/Amethyst Pillow, Energy Balancing Sound Therapy/Aromatherapy
    Herb Tea/Water/Beverage

  • (Additional 30 Minutes to HEAL Session)
    Cupping Therapy, Yoni Steam, Ear Candling, 
    Castor Oil Pack

    *Rife Machine Therapy/Toxins Identification and Elimination (Additional 45 Minutes)$75

    *All Proceeds Benefit 501c3, AWARE Worldwide Empowerment Ministries
    Whole-Health Promotion, Education and Services for Seniors,
    Families/Persons at-risk of, or living with Chronic Disease/Disabilities Across the Lifespan

    Disclaimer: Services provided are for information and educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical or clinical advice or services. If you feel you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. 

  • *Add-On Detox Services-$65

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